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об истории церкви первых веков

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о святых нашего времени

о несоответсвии учения ЦХ церкви первых веков

о Православной Церкви

диспуты с представителями разных конфессий

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DPI Book Titles: NYC version

ЮМОР. Заголовки не изданных книг в издательстве "Ученик"

Here's some for inspiration.

"Thirty Days at the Foot of the Condo"

"First the Kipdom"

"Sister Submissive"

"How to Build Unity Without Really Getting to Know Anyone"

"The Joy of Fearing your Leaders"

"The Co$t of Di$ciple$hip"

"Boy Meets Girl, Boy talks to Girl's DP, Boy Finds Another Girl"

"In Rememberence of the Gempel's Living Room"

"How to Get Happy in 3 Easy Steps"

"How to Use the Word 'Flat' in Everyday Conversation"

"9 to 5 and Spiritually Deprived"

"Special Contribution ("Why Grown Adults Sometimes Host Bake-Sales")"

"Being Baptized as a Nation and Other Core Doctrines"

"Worst Principles"

"Theological Perspectives on the 'One-Armed Hug'"

"101 Fun Dating Ideas to Eradicate any Chance of Physical Contact"

"Because We Say So"

"Confessing Your Sins in Alphabetical Order"

"1,001 Ways to Eat Ramen Noodles"

"Unity Through Borrowing Other People's Possessions"

"The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Job Performance"

"Filtering God's Word Through ICC Leaders"

"The 'Not in My Experience' Defense"

"Why Nobody's Else is a Christian"

"Fun With Attendance Stats"

"Money, Time & Other Things Heathens Enjoy"

"Heart Problems"

"Spiritual Pornography in the 90's"

"You're so Awesome, I'm so Awesome"

"Prepared to Proof Text"

"How to Live Without a Discipler- By the Ethiopian Enuch"

"I'm So Convicted it Changed My Life...Again!"

"Wag the Stats"

"We Know Of No Other..."

"The 7 Day, 14 Day or End of The Month Gratitude Journal"

"Restoration- a Journey Through Firery Hoops"

"Arbitrary Sin"

"Exegetical Analysis of the Ancient NIV Manuscripts."

"Early Church History, Volume 1: 1979 to present."

"The Art of Public Confessions and Rebuke"

"The Power of Guilt (Group Conformity Made Easy)"

"How to Alienate Everyone You Ever Meet in 30 Seconds or Less"

"Alive II: The tragic story of what happened to 15 brothers living in a lower east side efficiency after the 3rd Special Contribution in two months."

"The Singles Never Sleep"

"Men Are Evangelists, Women Are Counselors"

A Tale of Two World Sectors

The Great Statsby

Better Check Your Heart of Darkness

Gone with the Special Contribution Wind

The Old Man and the ICC

Catch 22 Open People and Bring them to Church

Little House on the Prairie Rented by Members, Big House in the Suburbs owned by the ICC

Of Mice and Men who Dreamed

Kingdom Dreams

Romeo and Juliet and the Disciplers who Nixed Their Marriage Plans

Alices Adventures in the Wonderland of Getting Good Advice

The Grapes of God's Wrath Over Your Lack of Visitors

Death of a Salesman due to Ramen Malnourishment

The Art of Conditional Loving

Pride and Prejudice of Your Sector Leader

Cranking the Stats

How to Convert the Sharp, With Only a $480,000 Investment.

Crime and Punishment for Disunity

A Farewell to Arms and Anything Else you Can Sell for Contribution

The Son Also Raises Up

Lord of the Lies

A Midsummer Night's Righteous Singles' Dance Party

The Agony and the Agony

Around the World Sector in 80 Days

The Fine Art of Browbeating

The Power of Manipulation

The Master Plan of Controlling Your Disciplees

Breaking Session Chants of the Kingdom

Q & A (Questions and Avoidance)

The ICC Leader's Guide to Tax Fraud

Be Still, My Stomach - How to make it through those tough times on

Ramen and other bargain foods

Popular Soul's Guide to Recruitment

The Victory of Sheepdom - How to win by following blindly

Love Your Discipler

Dating in the Kingdom - 100 ways to love each other without spening Any Time Together

The Discipler's Guide to Matchmaking - Workbook also available

The Kip I Never Knew

From Church to Cult in 3 Easy Steps

101 Ways to Make A Grown Man Cry During the Cross Study

The Cross Study- How to Spontaneously Make Someone Feel Cut to the Heart

How to Share Your Faith With Someone Who Owns A Car

Never Miss a Meeting of The Body Again - A Guide To Hobo Train Riding

Impressing a Sister's DP in 3 Easy Steps

Some Sat in the Hot Seat - Chemical Recovery Group Dynamics Manual

Making the Most of Scriptures Not Covered in First Principles

99 Reasons To Feel Good About Your Sin-List

ESCAPE - How to Convince Your DP its Not Your Sin Causing You To Question ICC Doctrine

How I Lost My Salvation Thru Masturbation

Raising Emotionally Defunct Children in Troubled Times

Love One Another...Teaching Your Child To Hug Complete Strangers!

Denial...It's not Just a River in Egypt

Missing Time...Remaining Grateful While Your Personal Life is Draining Away


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